What To Choose Between Paint Protection Film And Ceramic Coating

Both Paint Protection Film Vs Ceramic Coating are a great way to guard your asset against dust, scratches, and other troubles that come along with it.

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When compared, Paint Protection Filmhas the upper hand over Ceramic Coating. It can protect cars from acidic contaminants, mineral deposits, acid rain, bug splatter, and rock chips. At the same time, the latter doesn’t offer protection from acidic contaminants and can even affect the appearance of your vehicle.

This blog will talk about what Paint Protection Film Vs Ceramic Coating are, their pros and cons, what to choose, why to choose, and other related information that can aid you in deciding what suits you the best. Simply put, it’ll be painting protection film vs. ceramic coating.

Furthermore, you can access the contact information of Tint and Orange: A premium car care brand, the best inline PPF provider to whom you can entrust your back. So stick till the end and decide for yourselves.

Briefing To Paint Protection Film

They were founded due to the growing concerns of the US military during the Vietnam war. This product caught the eye of the industry and made it over the decades as what we see it now. Originally it was way thicker, but as technology improved, it did its body and the features it offered for the best.

PPF is an ultra-thin polyurethane that acts as transparent skin to the vehicle, shielding it from various damages that can easily destroy your ride’s look. In addition, it makes it easier for you to clean things and gives them a luster that’ll live for as long as a decade. 

Just make sure that you buy a high-quality one as we provide it to our clients at Tint and Orange. Insider information: if we talk about paint protection film vs. ceramic coating, PPF wins. 

Benefits Offered By Paint Protection Film

  • It is the strongest material in the market to protect your asset against rock chips and other kinds of paint damage.
  • Loaded with great healing properties – it can instantly heal small scratches and damages to your car by using the sun’s UV rays.
  • Coating the original paint prevents the paint from scratching, marring, or swirl marks, affecting your vehicle’s outer appearance.
  • This can last up to 10 years or more when combined with professional-grade nano-coating.
  • With time one of its drawbacks has been fixed by engineers and technology. So, your vehicle has no more yellowing or reduced hydrophobic properties.

Cons Of Paint Protection Film

  • Different kinds of PPF are available in the market: not all products or brands are the same. However, so is the quality they have to offer. Therefore doing your fair share of research before deciding on the PPF purchase is the best way.
  • The difference in Self Healing Properties they offer: Some PPFs provide the ultimate paint protection film properties – by instantly healing scratches. But most of the ones out in the market have ‘self-healing’ that requires some heat or physical repair techniques to remove the surface scratches.
  • Requires expert hands, not a DIY solution: A paint protection film is a professional-grade clear film product that needs to be applied by experts. Its application needs a clear and fast hand. In comparison, there are options to use DIY clear bra products. 
  • The paint protection film is a worthy investment. It can be taken as an investment in the quality and condition of your vehicle. But, of course, it’s always best to get your work done by professionals, as we have in Tint and Orange.

Briefing To Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is a semi-permanent layer of protection that can be added or applied at the top of the paint, chrome elements, and your vehicle’s plastic trim. Composed of ingredients like Silica Dioxide and Titanium Dioxide, it can help protect your vehicle’s paint and other body parts.

A coating is applied to cover the vehicle’s body, filling all the paint’s tiny pores, a glossy look. In addition, the paint presents a hydrophobic characteristic. This means that the paint gets a water guarding characteristic, which keeps the car extremely clean and aids in tidying it up too.

Paint Protection Film Vs. Ceramic Coating

Distinctions Between Paint Protection Film VS Ceramic Coating

PPF and Ceramic coating both are good products as they share many benefits. However, some of their distinctive features will help you find the best solution for your asset.

  • If compared, PPF provides better protection from damage caused by road debris and rock chips than ceramic coating. This is because the Paint Protection Film can absorb the damage even before it comes in contact with the paint. Though PPF does not have a urethane film to protect the paint as Ceramic coating does, it still gives your class a glossy finish.
  • Plant Protection Film has a lot more protection than Ceramic coating does. Still, PPF must be replaced eventually as the film may turn yellow and get blisters with time. However, they provide your vehicle with the same amount of glossiness and finish.

Tint And Orange – A Premium Car Care Brand

We are a premium brand offering our clients the best inline PPF coverings to protect their assets and maintain that new showroom looks for as long as possible. To meet the requirements of our customers, we source the best quality adhesives, urethanes, and clear coats from the USA, China, and Europe.

For deciding on the best PPF, you can get your asset, visit us, and refer to the information and videos provided at our site. Then, if queries persist, just reach out to our team of professionals and get a better outlook on the protection and understanding of what your asset requires most.

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Paint Protection & Sun Control Films


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