All You Need To Know To Paint Protection Film in Chennai

What Is A PaintProtection Film?

Paint protection film, also known as clear bra or a “wrap,” is a thin layer of flexible material applied to the body panels of a vehicle to protect them from flying rocks or road debris.

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Paint Protection Films in Chennai, the best PPF In Chennai are fantastic products for keeping your car looking new. And, believe it or not, PPF is less expensive than you might think, especially if you have a new vehicle that requires minor paint correction or prep work.
While different types of paint protection film in Chennai have been around for more than two decades, the technology behind these films has advanced rapidly in recent years. This article will explore two types of PPF, namely TPU and TPH.
But before we discuss that, let’s look at the benefits that PPF offers in the following segment! to Apply Paint Protection Film

Benefits of paint protection film in Chennai Corrosion Resistant Acidic corrosion and contaminant resistance (like bug guts and bird droppings).

Acts as a Shield- It shields a painted surface from acid rain, mineral deposits, and soft and hard water spots. Apart from that, small rocks, gravel, tree branches, and other complex objects are prevented from striking the paint surface.
Prevents Decay- It reduces oxidation caused by UV light on factory paint.
Self-healing Properties
If a protective film is scratched or struck, it can heal itself.
Long-lasting- It can last up to 10 years when properly maintained.

Types Of PPF

Our Paint Protection Film is designed to provide long-term protection. In addition, the best paint protection film in Chennai is sourced in a personalized manner, so you don’t have to worry about it. Tint&Orange offers two types of PPF: TPH and TPU. TPH may be the better option for some of you, while for others, TPU may be. It all depends on your needs. Before you decide, you should know a few things about them.


It is a cheaper alternative to TPU because it is made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). While PVC is used as the TPH film’s base material, the technology used improves PVC’s flexibility and chemical properties. As a result, the TPH material is more flexible than PVC and does not undergo discoloration.


TPU or Thermoplastic Polyurethane comes with a chemical structure that allows it to be much more flexible and durable than traditional PVC material. They are easy to install due to their advanced flexibility, eliminating the need for heat guns and other tools. Even in terms of durability, TPU films do not lose elasticity and neither undergo discoloration and cracks even after usage. TPU Films are also simple to remove and do not harm the original paint. Because of the shorter installation time, it is also easier to ensure that no contaminants or dirt are trapped beneath the film surface during the process, resulting in a flawless finish.

As far as TPU’s durability is in question – even after extended exposure to UV rays and harsh road conditions, paint protection films in Chennai made with this material are less likely to crack, preventing difficulty in removal.

Our TPU Range: We offer five types of TPU Films to provide you with precisely what your asset needs. TPU Pro, TPU Pro+, TPU Pro Max, and the Clear Matte and Glossy Black series.

How Is Paint Protection Film Applied?
Correct prep work, installation, and aftercare are critical to the success or failure of a PPF. Each manufacturer’s installation procedure is different, but the general steps are as follows:

Step 1 – Paint Protection Film Installation Preparation
A PPF must be bonded to a surface to protect it, which is possible if the surface is clean, clear of debris, and free of any damage. However, because a paint protection film is transparent, the paint or surface beneath the condition makes a significant difference in the finished product’s brilliance.

Step 2 – Preparing the Material
There are two approaches to using the PPF. First, most professional best PPF In Chennai installers use a plotter or a machine that pre-cuts the material into smaller, custom-fit sections, such as fender or door edges, reducing waste and saving money for the client and installer, saving resources.

Step 3 – Fitting
The installer will pre-fit the car protection film to ensure accuracy. Numerous brands and installation methods are available in the best PPF In the Chennai market. While this adds some time to the overall process, it is well worth it because it protects the paintwork and other areas of the vehicle from rock chips and light scratches, which can be easily repaired with self-healing PPF.

Step 4 – Spraying the Fitting Solution
A fitting solution is an activator that allows the clear bra or PPF to bond to the surface. When this is sprayed onto the painted surface or on top of the PPF, it activates the adhesive – a glue and adheres tightly to the surface. This helps it bond to a car’s paintwork, preventing UV rays, oxidation, corrosion, and rust formation.

Step 5 – Application and Final Fit
The step that causes magic to happen. The skilled PPF installer will glide the best PPF In Chennai into place. It involves fitting, spraying-solution, moving around, squeegeeing bubbles, etc. When everything is in place, the installer will use a squeegee to remove creases or bubbles from the PPF.

Step 6 – Drying
The drying process is the final step in the PPF installation, which can be accomplished in various ways, including using time or a specific drying procedure. Most professional PPFs are heat-activated, either with a heat gun or by placing them in a heat chamber. The process activates the ‘glue’ and restricts the material to create an extremely tight fit.

Why Is PPF Necessary?

Cars are valuable assets that have served everyone for many years. As a result, they should be protected with protection films in the future to maintain their shine, functionality, and resale value. When it comes to PPF, you can count on Tint&Orange to provide you with all relevant information and the best PPF In Chennai.

Paint Protection Film on red car
Paint Protection Film on white fortuner
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Paint Protection Film on black jeep
Paint Protection Film on black mercedes
Paint Protection Film on black jaguar

Paint Protection & Sun Control Films


Driving in the sun can be hazardous to your health, not to mention damaging your car. Protect your ride with Tintandorange car and bike paint protection films.

Sputtered Film

Sputtered Film

Glue Film

Glue Film

Nano Ceramic Film

Nano Ceramic Film


Tintandorange is a trusted name in the paint protection and sun control film industry. We provide the highest quality films to help you protect your vehicle’s finish and keep your car looking its best.

Competitive Pricing

Sourced in a personalised way

Premium Quality

Scratch resistant

Self healing


What our client say


Looking for a top-quality car and bike paint protection film? Tintandorange has you covered! We offer a wide range of films to suit every need, including custom films for those with a special design requirement.

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Having a good experience with the team and product. I recommend my clients for getting Tint&Orange PPF.

Wrap N Shine

Wonderful PPF. Great service and my clients are loving it too.

Always Dry

Tint&Orange PPF is amazing in quality. We have been working in detailing industry for long. The product, after sales service is impressive.

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I get my requirement fulfilled on time. We feel confident in offering Tint&Orange PPF to our customers. 

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