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Car Paint Protection Film

A thin covering of flexible material applied to a car’s body panels to protect them from flying gravel or road debris is a paint protection film, sometimes known as a transparent bra or a wrap. Paint protection coatings are perfect for keeping your automobile looking new for as long as possible. PPF is also less expensive than you would imagine, particularly if you have a new vehicle that requires minor paint repair or prep work.

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While Paint Protection Films Companies have been around for over two decades, their technology has improved dramatically in recent years. This blog will look at two different varieties of PPF: TPU and TPH.


TPU, or Thermoplastic Polyurethane, has a chemical composition that makes it far more flexible and long-lasting than standard PVC. Due to their advanced flexibility, they are simple to install and do not require heat guns or other tools. TPU films retain their flexibility and are resistant to discoloration and cracking even after extended use. TPU Films are very easy to remove and cause no damage to the original paint. Because of the shorter installation period, it’s also easier to make sure no pollutants or debris get trapped beneath the film surface, resulting in a pristine finish.

When it comes to TPU’s durability, the Best Paint Protection film companies In India created with this material are less prone to shatter even after extended exposure to UV radiation and difficult road conditions, making removal easier.


Because it is composed of Polyvinyl Chloride, it is a less expensive alternative to TPU (PVC). The TPH Paint Protection Film Companies base material is PVC. However, the technology increases PVC’s flexibility and chemical properties. 

Benefits of PPF


Even though you’re covering the vehicle’s paint, a thin, transparent Best Paint Protection Film Companies In India PPF layer is nearly invisible. Modern films can give long-lasting protection without being too thick. Most are only 8 mils thick (0.0008 inches) and block less than 0.1 percent of the light that reaches the paint.


Depending on your project, you may easily target certain vehicle parts or wrap entire body panels with die-cut anti-chipping films.

Hydrophobic Properties

The Paint Protection Film Companies for automobiles is hydrophobic. As a result, liquids and pollutants will bead up and discharge (like a waxed hood). It’s easier to retain brilliance when the paintwork repels dirt, muck, oils, smudges, and streaks.

More Accessible to Apply than Alternatives

Another popular Paint Protection Film Companies option is ceramic coatings. Unfortunately, these coatings are messier, require more expensive equipment, and add to your painting process. These inefficiencies eat into your profit margins. Best Paint Protection Film Companies In India PPF installation allows you to pass on cost savings to OEMs and increase bargaining power.

Other Benefits

  • Corrosion Resistant: Acidic corrosion and contaminant resistance (like bug guts and bird droppings).
  • Acts as a Shield: It shields a painted surface from acid rain, mineral deposits, and soft and hard water spots. It prevents small rocks, gravel, tree branches, and other complex objects from striking the paint surface.
  • Prevents Decay: It reduces oxidation caused by UV light on factory paint.
  • Self-healing Properties: It can heal itself if a protective film is scratched or struck.
  • Long-lasting: It can last up to 10 years when properly maintained.


Tint&Orange offers one of India’s most excellent Car Care products. Our goal is to revolutionize the way cars are taken care of. We are experts in manufacturing Paint Protection Films and Solar Films. Paint Protection Films and Solar Films protect your valuables from stains, UV rays, scratches, and other hazards.

Tint&Orange feels that automobiles and architecture are assets that will last for many years. They require protection to have a long and productive life. They should be protected with Protection Films in the future to maintain their luster, functionality, and resale value.

We ensure that you get the best protection with reliable support and accountability. Therefore, we are here to fetch you 100% satisfactory results.

Tint&Orange has a group of automotive experts specializing in Car and Architectural Care. We provide a wide selection of Protection Films for autos, residential dwellings, and office buildings. In addition, we source the highest quality adhesives, urethanes, and clear coatings from the United States, China, and Europe to meet our customers’ needs.

The Brand

The brand encompasses more than just a logo, business cards, or signage; it’s a combination of factors. Tint&Orange as a brand is about the people. Every one of Tint&Orange’s employees is a brand ambassador. When someone from Tint&Orange interacts with someone from the outside world – the latter may forget about the company, but they’ll definitely remember how the company treated them.

Our goal is for everyone who comes into contact with a member of our staff to have a positive experience and remember the interaction. But, of course, this is only feasible if you value the brand and uphold its integrity. We assist our clients and customers in meeting their business and individual needs by offering a wide range of high-quality items. Hence, Tint&Orange develops best-in-class products for various clientele and sectors all under one roof. We are effective because we work dedicatedly to deliver results.

Tint&Orange believes in giving back to society and guaranteeing a better tomorrow – a better world than the one we inherited. We understand that resources are limited and are draining to dangerously low levels. But, at the same time, we know that if every one of us understands our role and works together to fulfill it, we can beat the odds. Therefore, we are devoted to sustainability, not only as a matter of policy but also out of a deep-seated enthusiasm that is as constant as it is unshakable in its focus, as seen by the presence of a dedicated R&D team.

Why Choose Tint&Orange

Durability- A true companion is one who remains for a long time! Vertically integrated production processes produce Tint&Orange Paint Protection Films and Sun Control Films. These factors elevate their quality, allowing them to last longer.

Quality- Tint&Orange obtains the best adhesives, urethanes, and clear coats from the United States, China, and Europe to meet the needs of its customers. As a result, the products produced are of the highest quality possible.

Commitment- Tint&Orange is proud of its commitment to going above and beyond to provide the best car care and surface protection.

Current Distribution Network of Tint&Orange

As of now, Tint&Orange has satisfied more than 1200 clients in various cities in India but also abroad cities like Dubai.

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Paint Protection & Sun Control Films


Driving in the sun can be hazardous to your health, not to mention damaging your car. Protect your ride with Tintandorange car and bike paint protection films.

Sputtered Film

Sputtered Film

Glue Film

Glue Film

Nano Ceramic Film

Nano Ceramic Film


Tintandorange is a trusted name in the paint protection and sun control film industry. We provide the highest quality films to help you protect your vehicle’s finish and keep your car looking its best.

Competitive Pricing

Sourced in a personalised way

Premium Quality

Scratch resistant

Self healing


What our client say


Looking for a top-quality car and bike paint protection film? Tintandorange has you covered! We offer a wide range of films to suit every need, including custom films for those with a special design requirement.

Autotech Delhi

Having a good experience with the team and product. I recommend my clients for getting Tint&Orange PPF.

Wrap N Shine

Wonderful PPF. Great service and my clients are loving it too.

Always Dry

Tint&Orange PPF is amazing in quality. We have been working in detailing industry for long. The product, after sales service is impressive.

IDE Autoworks

I get my requirement fulfilled on time. We feel confident in offering Tint&Orange PPF to our customers. 

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