How Does Paint Protection Film Works And The Right Paint Protection Film Installed?

Paint Protection Film (PPF), sometimes known as Clear Bra, has gained popularity as an automotive protection film. Thermoplastic Urethane sheets are used to make PPF. It is intended to be a custom-fitted film.

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Paint Protection Film has a higher gloss and longer lifespan than many other alternatives. Paint Protection Film also has the following advantages:

  • maintained car appearance
  • maintained car value
  • protects your car’s exterior against potential harm

Conduct Thorough Research -How does paint protection film works

Before choosing a PPF, take your time and do your homework, and for installation, you should only entrust your vehicle to a professional. Here are a few pointers to think about:

  • Evaluate Your Options- Read about all the different available options in the market to find the one for you. Have a list basis priorities to decide on the film that will suit your needs best. 
  • Inquire- Please ensure that any queries you have about the films and methods they use are answered before you commit to a service or a business.
  • Warranty Card- High-end PPF brands will provide a warranty card. Make certain you request it. Reading online reviews or asking friends and relatives for advice is always a wise decision.

How does paint protection film works- Best Paint Protection Film For Cars Or Bikes?

A thin layer of flexible material that protects your car’s body panels from flying gravel or road debris is ideal for keeping your car looking brand new for as long as possible. When it comes to automotive shielding, PPF is the clear winner because it is the only substance that fully protects the car’s paint surface, hood, or entire vehicle from road debris, and scratches. There are numerous PPFs available in the market; the ideal one for you will depend on your needs and the level of protection required for your vehicle. You may also acquire Paint Protection Film for your car windows for added security.

How does paint protection film works -Transparent PPFs Are Commonly Used On Cars And Bikes

Tint&Orange provides two varieties of PPF: TPH and TPU. TPH may be the better option for some of you, while TPU may be for others. It all depends on your requirements. Before you make a decision, you need to learn a little bit about them.


Because it is constructed of Polyvinyl Chloride, it is a less expensive alternative to TPU (PVC). While PVC is the basic material of the TPH film, the technique employed improves PVC’s flexibility and chemical characteristics. As a result, TPH material is more flexible than PVC and does not tarnish.


TPU, or Thermoplastic Polyurethane, has a chemical composition that makes it significantly more flexible and durable than standard PVC. Because of their enhanced flexibility, they are simple to install, eliminating the need for heat guns and other instruments. Even after repeated use, TPU films retain their elasticity and do not develop discoloration or fissures. 

TPU Films Available At Tint&Orange

We provide five different varieties of TPU Films to ensure that you get exactly what you need for your asset. TPU Pro, TPU Pro+, TPU Pro Max, Clear Matte, and Glossy Black.

Bike PPF Coming Soon

Tint&Orange will provide a custom-made PPF for your bike! It will be the first of its kind in India. The PPF will effortlessly glide and adhere to your bike, protecting all of its curves and mirrors. Your ride will surprise you and everyone else. Stay tuned for more details on the stunning Paint Protection Film for bike that will blow your mind!

After-Care Of Paint Protection Film

It is absolutely necessary to take steps to maintain the luster and appearance of your Paint Protection Film and hence your vehicle. Upkeeping the PPF on your car or bike requires you to do just this one simple thing – use a Microfiber Towel!

These towels are more robust and will last longer than other materials. Microfiber, unlike rougher materials, will not harm automobile paint or leave lint behind. While auto vacuums have come a long way in terms of keeping interior upholstery clean, the introduction of microfiber textiles has had a significant impact on car cleaning and detailing. The cleaning effectiveness of microfiber is due to two simple factors: increased surface area and a positive charge. Microfiber cleaning cloths and mops are effective at removing organic matter (dirt, oils, and grease) and bacteria from surfaces.

You can also apply a maintenance coat on your automobile which will restore the PPF to how it originally looked. If you are using a Tint&Orange PPF the detailer will not take any extra amount.

Well, we are sure now that you are relaxed about learning how effortless it is to preserve the magical layer on top of your automotive. 

Why Choose Tint&Orange

Tint&Orange provides one of the best Car Care products in India. Our mission is to change the way cars are maintained. We specialize in the production of Paint Protection Films. They guard against stains, UV radiation, scratches, and other risks. With Tint&Orange you can be sure of the following: 

  • Superior Quality- Tint&Orange provides superior quality PPF that shines brightly and protects your vehicle like no other.
  • Certified- We have certifications that demonstrate the high quality of our products. The business was founded in 2019 and is ISO 9001: 2015 certified.
  • Tested- Our products are thoroughly tested before they are released in the market to ensure that they will not harm your vehicle in any way.
  • Education Comes Before Decision-making- Our detailers have a wealth of resin knowledge on which the PPF is based. They are specifically qualified to assist you in choosing the best choice for your vehicle.

If you need help choosing the appropriate Paint Protection Film, please contact our team of professionals to gain a better perspective on asset protection and an understanding of what your asset requires the most.

Paint Protection Film on red car
Paint Protection Film on white fortuner
Paint Protection Film on bike



Paint Protection Film on black jeep
Paint Protection Film on black mercedes
Paint Protection Film on black jaguar

Paint Protection & Sun Control Films


Driving in the sun can be hazardous to your health, not to mention damaging your car. Protect your ride with Tintandorange car and bike paint protection films.

Sputtered Film

Sputtered Film

Glue Film

Glue Film

Nano Ceramic Film

Nano Ceramic Film


Tintandorange is a trusted name in the paint protection and sun control film industry. We provide the highest quality films to help you protect your vehicle’s finish and keep your car looking its best.

Competitive Pricing

Sourced in a personalised way

Premium Quality

Scratch resistant

Self healing


What our client say


Looking for a top-quality car and bike paint protection film? Tintandorange has you covered! We offer a wide range of films to suit every need, including custom films for those with a special design requirement.

Autotech Delhi

Having a good experience with the team and product. I recommend my clients for getting Tint&Orange PPF.

Wrap N Shine

Wonderful PPF. Great service and my clients are loving it too.

Always Dry

Tint&Orange PPF is amazing in quality. We have been working in detailing industry for long. The product, after sales service is impressive.

IDE Autoworks

I get my requirement fulfilled on time. We feel confident in offering Tint&Orange PPF to our customers. 

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