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Why Should You Apply Tint&Orange Solar Films On Your Car Or Bike?

Tint&Orange provides one of the best car care products in India. Our mission is to change the way cars are maintained. We specialize in the production of Solar Film. They guard against stains, UV radiation, scratches, and other risks.

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Automobiles are assets that will last a long time. To live a long and fruitful life, they must be protected. As a result, in the future, they should be coated with Solar Film to keep their luster, functioning, and resale value. We are here to make this happen. We ensure that you receive the finest protection possible, as well as dependable assistance and responsibility. Therefore, we are here to provide you with completely satisfactory results.

We offer a diverse range of Solar Films for automobiles, residential homes, and office structures. In addition, to satisfy our customers’ needs, we source the highest quality adhesives, urethanes, and clear coatings from the United States, China, and Europe.

Our Values

  • Incomparable Variety –We assist our clients and customers in meeting their business and individual needs by offering a wide range of high-quality items.
  • Dedicated Team- We develop best-in-class products for various clientele and sectors under one roof and work effectively to deliver results.
  • A Sustainable Future- We are devoted to sustainability, not only as a matter of policy but also out of a deep-seated enthusiasm that is as constant as it is unshakable in its focus.

Our Products 

  • High-end Quality- Tint&Orange offers top-quality solar films that shine brightly and protect your automobile from the scorching sun like no other.
  • Certified-  We hold certifications that are a mark of the standard of our products. The company was established in 2019 and is ISO 9001: 2015 certified. 
  • Tested-  Our products are tested before being sold in the market to ensure that it does not hamper your automobile.
  • Education Preceeds Decision- All relevant information about the products is widely available with our detailers. They are specially trained to guide you in making the right purchase for your automobile. 
  • Fulfilling Needs- Tint&Orange design its products according to the needs of th Indian market and hence, as in-built special features and characteristics that other foreign brands sold in India will lack.
  • Satisfied Customers- We wish to ensure nothing but customer satisfaction and hence, if there is any damaged product being sold to you, rest assured, you will get the claim as promised under the terms and conditions.

Current Distribution Network Of Tint&Orange

As of now, Tint&Orange has satisfied more than 1,200 clients. We have a vast distribution network in India, present in Hyderabad, Cochin, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Assam, and Uttarakhand. We also serve other countries such as Nepal and Dubai.

Sun Control Films (Solar Films)Offered By Tint&Orange

Tint&Orange is one of India’s leading Car Care businesses, aiming to alter the way cars are maintained. Tint&Orange offers a variety of Solar Films, which we have briefly listed below:

  • Glue tapes- The most cost-effective films are glue films. They enhance the appearance of the window while also reducing glare.
  • Film Sputtered- It is produced in a vacuum chamber, similar to metalized films, but it is considerably lighter and slenderer, making it easier to apply and more flexible.
  • Ceramic Nano Film- Ceramic films are also referred to as High Heat Rejection Films. These films have excellent infrared (IR) reflective characteristics. This permits the film to reject solar heat at a higher rate than typical films used to manufacture window film while preserving the highest levels of optical clarity.
  • Dyed Chip Film- The films are made by embedding colored PET chips into the film rather than color coating it on the outside of the transparent films. Chip-dyed PET film offers excellent light transmittance and can effectively block intense glare day or night.

Advantages Of Car (Solar Film)s Sun Control Film

When you put Sun Control film (Solar Films) in your car, you will get all the benefits that only the best film can provide. Among the benefits are:

  • Enhance Appearance- Sun Control films add a sophisticated touch to any vehicle. Sun Control films can reject heat from the sun during the day, making your vehicle more comfortable and your air conditioning system more efficient.
  • Reduced Visibility and Light Reflection- Sun Control Films improve sight by reducing reflection. It also contributes to a more pleasant and productive workplace by reducing interior fading and improving the exterior appearance.
  • Decreased Discoloration- Sun Control Coatings can help preserve your car’s leather or fabric interior from yellowing and damage by virtually rejecting all damaging ultraviolet rays (UV).
  • Increased Privacy- These are available in Visible Light Transmission (VLT) levels ranging from 5% to 50%. Sun Control Films can make your vehicle’s interior more private while enabling visibility.

If you are seeking a Solar Film for your car, please visit our website and contact us.

Paint Protection Film on red car
Paint Protection Film on white fortuner
Paint Protection Film on bike



Paint Protection Film on black jeep
Paint Protection Film on black mercedes
Paint Protection Film on black jaguar

Paint Protection & Sun Control Films


Driving in the sun can be hazardous to your health, not to mention damaging your car. Protect your ride with Tintandorange car and bike paint protection films.

Sputtered Film

Sputtered Film

Glue Film

Glue Film

Nano Ceramic Film

Nano Ceramic Film


Tintandorange is a trusted name in the paint protection and sun control film industry. We provide the highest quality films to help you protect your vehicle’s finish and keep your car looking its best.

Competitive Pricing

Sourced in a personalised way

Premium Quality

Scratch resistant

Self healing


What our client say


Looking for a top-quality car and bike paint protection film? Tintandorange has you covered! We offer a wide range of films to suit every need, including custom films for those with a special design requirement.

Autotech Delhi

Having a good experience with the team and product. I recommend my clients for getting Tint&Orange PPF.

Wrap N Shine

Wonderful PPF. Great service and my clients are loving it too.

Always Dry

Tint&Orange PPF is amazing in quality. We have been working in detailing industry for long. The product, after sales service is impressive.

IDE Autoworks

I get my requirement fulfilled on time. We feel confident in offering Tint&Orange PPF to our customers. 

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